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Current homeowners are aware of the high cost of energy; therefore, they are looking for ways to save on those costs. One of these ways is through better shingles, especially those that are Energy Star rated.

 As a Hammond roofing company we have been actively helping our clients choose the correct energy saving shingles for their roofing projects. Hammond Roofing Contractors: What Makes An Entergy Rated Shingle Being energy efficient has been on the minds of Americans since the 90ís and more so in growing cities like Hammond. Consumers wanted a legitimate way to know they were truly getting energy efficient products. The Cool Roof Rating Council, along with the E-Rate symbol, was formed in the late 90ís in order to give consumers assurance that roofing products were labeled correctly for their ability to be energy efficient. The Council also gathered information about the radiated properties of roofing materials so this could be given to all interested producers and consumers.
Hammond Roofing Contractors: Energy Rated Roofing Products  While many people have heard of E-Rated metal roofs they have had very limited knowledge of E-Rated shingles. Entergy Star shingles are made by all major roofing manufactures. Duration Premium Cool shingles, one of several good energy rated lines manufactured by Owens Corning, has a rating from the Cool Roof Rating Council. Duration Premium Cool Shasta White by Owens Corning has a rating of 31, which is a great energy star rating. Hammond Roofing Contractors: How They Work E-rated shingles have granules that reflect solar energy; this decreases the amount of heat entering the home through the roof. This keeps the attic cooler thus cutting down on the energy used to run air-conditioning to keep the home comfortable. Duration Premium Cool shingles is one of the shingles designed with this E-rating and meets California requirements, title 24/part 6, by the CRRC. These shingles also have Owens Corning backed technology - SureNail, which assures that your shingles stay in place.


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