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Real estate management can be a pain and a challenge when collecting payments.  Digital currency is becoming the norm for accepting payments for tenants to make payments on time and without any hassle.  Real estate management companies and agencies need to be able to accept payments online, with a virtual terminal, and with credit card terminals.  Basically, you need to cover all your bases to make sure you are able to accept payments anywhere, anytime, and are able to accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover).  Additionally, we know that property managers need to charge for fees to agents or customers sometimes to collect fees.  Not all offices are the same, and we understand that each may be unique, so we offer the merchant services you need based on your specific requirements.  And with Harbortouch merchant services, you get free hardware and free POS software to manage recurring billing.  So contact us today for a free quote on merchant services or POS solutions for your property management company or real estate office.

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Technology Providers in Real Estate - Real Estate Software Providers
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