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Headquartered in Orange County, California, Cal Pac Capital is a portfolio commercial real estate lender that provides private investor funded loans to mortgage brokers, bankers, and real estate professionals. All of our loans are secured by well-positioned, income-producing properties located in major metro areas throughout the Western U.S. One of Cal-Pac's direct subsidiaries also purchases discounted senior secured debt and REO portfolios from distressed sellers. Cal-Pac also has a real estate development division which focuses on rehabbing or building multifamily properties under a long-term hold strategy. 

Cal Pac Capital is a direct source for multifamily, commercial, and construction loans. We offer short-term bridge loans and mini-permanent loans up to 5 years duration. Since our inception we have placed hundreds of loans for the acquisition, development, construction, rehabilitation, and repositioning of all types of property including: single-family residential, multifamily residential, condo-conversion, office, retail, medical, mix-use, light industrial, and special-use properties establishing us as one of the premier real estate finance companies in the Western US.

Hard Money Lenders
We provide direct, private money loans to mortgage brokers, bankers, and real estate investors and professionals for the acquisition, development and construction of residential, commercial, industrial and multi-family properties.  We rely upon our collective experience in the industry as not only lenders, but also as real estate brokers, underwriters, borrowers and developers, to readily understand borrowers’ lending needs and time constraints to fashion suitable loan programs.

Trust Deed Investing
Cal Pac Capital is your trusted source for trust deed investments.* All investments are secured by a recorded deed of trust on non-owner occupied commercial or residential property.  The total amount invested in a given property typically will not exceed 65% of the appraised value of the property, which provides further security for your investment.

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