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At Home Stages Designs we do not believe in keeping “Staging” locked inside the box of residential home sales. We understand that all “public spaces” are up for grabs with the need of proper staging to ensure the perfect first impression. This is why we feel that you should broaden your creative talents by reaching out to a broader market.

Think of the places that you frequent in your city. Office waiting rooms, hair salons, antique shops, boutiques and wineries. If you think as we do your mind will immediately hit on all of the changes you would make in these establishments that so many languish in on a daily basis. How would you design these spaces for the optimum first impression? The key is making the customer desire to come in and linger. A space that is visually attractive, coordinated and balanced in scale will definitely keep the customer around longer than the usual. We at Home Stages Designs want you to “open the box” in this industry and branch out into the world just outside of the residential areas, which of course, is our first love. Your creativity is needed and will be gratefully accepted by all entrepreneurs that desire a positive first impression.


Terri Woods: CEO


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Service Providers in Real Estate - Sales & Marketing Services
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