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House For Sale In Alabama-How To Find The Perfect Fixer Upper
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If you are looking to buy a house for sale in Alabama and you want to get into the fixer upper, flip or more commonly called rehab market here are some ways to find the perfect starter house.


If you have never bought a house for sale outside for your own personal use there are a handful of ways to find that perfect flip house and in todayís environment you may want to start calling it home rehabbing, banks are very negative on any real estate flipping today.


I will lay out several ways to go about finding a house for sale in Alabama that you may not have thought of but letís get the easy and most common out of the way first. Find you an aggressive and competent Real Estate Broker and meet with him or her, tell them what you are looking for and give them your budget and let them do all the searching they can, every Realtor likes having an investor in their hip pocket to dump the not so desirable properties to, it makes them look good to move property quick and they get a quick check even though it might not be a great commission quick easy money is always good. Search your local classifieds and cheep ad papers in any market you want to be in, each city will have its own paper and most people will stick to the largest circulation or cheep paper to advertise in. If you have yet to search for property online this is the number one way property is looked for today, over 90% of Real Estate purchased last year was searched for online first.


Now that we have the lazy mans ways said lets get to some real deal finding ways to get your first rehab house for sale in Alabama. Look in the delinquent tax roll for a house with past due taxes and taxes that are in arrears, meaning past years not paid for. I do not advocate buying someone house for taxes only that it will most likely get somebody motivated to sell and help get a better deal, it could help both of you on the money end of things. Next just get in your truck and ride, look for houses that are in disrepair, grown up yards anything that would indicate financial trouble or that no body is living in the house this will be your best target, out of site out of mind and someone may be tired of the upkeep, taxes and overall headache of being an absentee owner.  


Now that we have a target house found how to make contact, get with the court house, the Chancery Clerks office and get the address from them and mail them a letter about your intentions. When mailing a letter to someone if itís a distressed home or not you want your letter to be very simple, remember some people are very unsophisticated and may be put off by big words or feeling demeaned, intended or not, careful wording here. You should make you letter very short and to the point, maybe only two sentences or three at the most, this might sound like its not enough but if you put to much they want read it.


A good letter might read something like this; Hi my name is John Smith and I am looking for property to purchase in Pike County and noticed from the court house records you own a home in the area. If you are interested in selling your house please contact me, and then give all your contact information including e-mail address.


Remember a letter is the most non intrusive way to make contact with a potential seller when you are looking for a house for sell in Alabama to rehab. Be aggressive in your search, you make your money on investment property when you buy it not when you sell so buy right and buy smart.


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