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Houses For Sale In Mississippi-Where Is The Bottom Of The Market
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When will be the best time to buy houses for sale in Mississippi? When will the market hit rock bottom.


If the houses for sale in Mississippi market are so bad why would anyone want to buy a house now or anytime in the near future? I will give you some reasons to go buy a house today and I will give you some reasons to sit and wait awhile. I will start with everyone wants their on house at some point, a house gives you many options in the financial world you canít have when renting. With a house you can build equity and use that to payoff other higher interest rate loans like credit cards, vehicle or student loans. Home ownership builds pride in what you have accomplished and in your neighborhood.


One good reason to buy a house today is interest rates are at historic lows and really canít go much lower and at some point in the next year or two for sure they will have to go up some I just donít see how they can go down much more. If you believe in the market bottom theory you would have to look around and say if this is not the bottom it must be around the corner but what really is the bottom, low interest rates, a glut of bank owned houses for sale in Mississippi or just the overall sales price of all houses taking a hit. I for one think the bottom is here and will start building from here until it gets better, will some prices go down in some states and in some communities, of course they will but nation wide I think if you are in the market or would like to be in the market for houses for sale in Mississippi now is the time to get off the side lines and get out there and make something happen like buying a great house at a great price for you and your family.


If I am writing an article on houses for sale in Mississippi I must also talk about reasons not to buy a house now but wait out the market to see what comes. The main reason I can come up with to sit on the side lines and not buy now would be personal, not personal with me but you. How is your job situation, cash reserves, and credit history? If you are not sure about your job and more important the company you work for you need to wait until you feel your job and the company you work for is very safe. The loss of a job has been the single biggest killer of credit and loss of houses in Mississippi. 


I will sum up this article with a couple pros and cons we discussed here, one if you feel good about your job and your credit and debt structure is in good shape what are you waiting for a personal invitation get out there in the houses for sale in Mississippi market and buy a home. If your credit and job worry you get your financial house in order and buy in a few years when your situation makes more since.


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