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How Can I Change Real Estate Agents If I Am Unhappy With My Current Agent?
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If you are unhappy with the services your current Agent is providing and you feel you must make a change to enhance your chances to sell the home, you should inform your agent in writing about your intentions and the reason for same.  In most states, the pre-printed real estate listing agreement includes a clause to protect both parties by indicating either party has the right to terminate the agreement by notifying each other in writing.

It is advisable that you re-read the terms of your agreement with the broker/agent, since there may be additional terms with which you will have to comply.  These terms may require the seller to reimburse the agent for advertising expenses and a clause protecting the broker should the property be sold to a buyer who visited the home during the term of the listing agreement.  If you transfer your home to another brokerage, there will be new forms to be signed, including the MLS transfer form.  If you decide to withdraw the listing entirely, there may be a MLS withdrawal penalty to be paid.

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Home Selling Questions - General Home Selling FAQ's
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