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How Do I Build Lasting Relationships?
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If you want to develop lasting relationships with your clients, focus on excellent customer care. In real estate, this includes being available to your clients at all times, listening and responding to their needs, as well as staying in touch.

In addition, you need to share with your clients what you are doing for them. Keep them informed every step of the way. Purchasing or selling a home is stressful and represents a large financial investment. Clients appreciate staying informed. Your responsibility is to represent them to the best of your ability and to guide them through the negotiating process by explaining every step and every document you ask them to sign. Make sure they receive a clean copy of their documents, a timeline describing critical next steps all the way to closing. Anticipate difficulties and suggest solutions.

As a new agent, it is critical that you seek your broker’s advice at all times. Do not be overconfident and do not underestimate a situation. It pays to get a second, expert opinion and to stay safe. Let your clients know you are there to protect their best interest.

Once the transaction is closed, offer to help with their move by babysitting or bringing by some food. Research and provide information on nearby amenities. Put them on your mailing list and continuously “refresh” your relationship. Learn about their likes and dislikes, write down their important dates such as birthdays or months, send them “helpful hints,” provide them with information on their homestead exemption, etc. Continue to be their friend past the closing. Past clients often make your staunchest supporters and referral sources.
Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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