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How Do I Complete The Sellers' Property Disclosures Document?
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Because the Seller’s Property Disclosures document is considered a legal disclosure of any problems or health risks related to the property, it is very important that you read every question carefully and respond to it to the best of your knowledge.  Failure to disclose is considered “misrepresentation,” and can lead to legal consequences. 


The Seller’s Property Disclosure document was created to include a series of pertinent questions, phrased in such a way that the seller has the option to respond with a “yes”, “no” or “don’t know,” answer.  There may be instances where the seller honestly does not know the answer to a question, perhaps because he bought the home recently and does not have any previous history on a particular issue.  A “don’t know” response might be appropriate to the question whether there are any diseased or dead trees on the property.  It the property has 10 acres, the seller could honestly say he/she does not know, unless he/she is clearly aware of one or several trees that fit this category. 


A good rule of thumb is to provide a clear explanation to any “yes” answer(s).  For example, you may respond “yes” to any repairs done to the roof.  To avoid raising concerns by the buyer, explain that the roof had a minor leak, was repaired on a particular date, and no additional problems have been experienced.  If you have a receipt from the contractor, make a copy and place it with the disclosures. 

Home Selling Questions - Selling Disclosure & Inspections FAQ's
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