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How Do I Conduct A Property Inspection And Why Should I Spend The Money?
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Your agent should be able to recommend several local home inspection services.  The buyer interviews each service independently and selects the service that best meets his/her needs based on thoroughness and price.  The buyer may ask the inspector to provide a sample inspection report to familiarize him or herself with the services provided.  

Conducting an inspection of the property to be purchased is always advisable.  Aside from uncovering any structural deficiencies or potential health hazards such as lead paint or construction practices, which do not meet local codes, an inspection might also reveal encroachments or unrecorded easements.  It is good practice for a broker to inspect the listed premises to ascertain that his or her representations to prospective buyers will be accurate.

The inspector will inspect all appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures to ensure they are in normal working order, meet code and do not present health or safety hazards.  The VA prohibits the buyer from being charged inspection fees and the seller should be aware that he or she may have to make repairs before VA approval of the loan application.  Once the inspection is completed, the inspector prepares an in-depth inspection report highlighting problems found and recommending any necessary repairs.  Typically, the inspector will code the findings to indicate their importance and urgency.  Most critical will be any repairs needed to correct health hazards or safety issues.  Although the inspector may include lesser findings, the buyer, in most states, does not have the right to request cosmetic changes.

Home Buying Questions - Buying Disclosure & Inspection FAQ's
Home Buying Questions - General Home Buying FAQ's
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