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Category - Real Estate Information - General Real Estate Information

A  C  D  H  I  P  R  S  W 

How Do I Find An Agent On The Internet?

If you do not have access to an agent in your area, your best bet is to consult the internet to find a competent agent to list your home.  This might be a good approach, even if there is an agent or brokerage company working your particular subdivision.  It allows the seller to comparison shop for talent and services.


Typically, all you have to do is go on the internet and search for real estate agents in your area.  Most reputable brokerages have excellent websites providing the names and specialties of all their agents.  When you search the agent's background, most websites will display the years the agent has been in the business, the homes he/she has presently listed, the areas the agent works, etc.  This provides an excellent overview of the expertise of the agent.  Website information will also include whether the agent is multi-lingual and what languages he/she speaks, which might be helpful in particular cases. 


Once the seller has identified several agents, he/she proceeds to schedule appointments to interview them. 

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Real Estate Information - General Real Estate Information