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How Do I Get My Real Estate License?
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The first step to enter the real estate field is to become a Sales Agent.  Attending the pre-license course and passing the state exam will grant you a Sales Agent license. Most states require agents to complete a number of post-license continuing education (CE) courses to maintain their license active. 


If you complete the pre-license course through a particular broker and the broker signs your state exam application, you will be issued an active license at the exam center. If you have not affiliated with a broker, your license will be "stored" with the Real Estate Commission until you activate it with a broker.  Sales agents must be affiliated with a local broker to provide real estate services.  


To get started, and before signing up for the pre-license course, check with your local Real Estate Commission by visiting their website and research as many local brokerages in your area as possible.  The easiest way to find their name and contact information is to get it from “for sale” signs in neighboring subdivisions.  You may also know a real estate professional or have purchased or sold your home through an agency you were impressed with.  You may also search the internet.


Once you identify several brokers in your area, call them and ask whether they offer pre-license courses and if they will reimburse full or partial tuition, if you “hang” your license with them, once you pass the real estate exam.  Most large brokerage firms offer this option as an enticement for new realtors to sign up.  The state and some local colleges also offer pre-license courses.  Before you sign up with a broker, make sure you understand their policies, procedures and commission split (see suggested questions below). 


Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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