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How Do I Improve My Chances To Sell Quickly?
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Following are some suggestions on how to improve the chances to sell quickly:


       Price your property right (consider the market in your area) and be competitive!

       Make an excellent "First Impression" by keeping a manicured lawn,  trimmed shrubs and a clean and appealing porch.  A freshly stained or painted front door will be one of the first things to greet the potential buyer. If its autumn, rake the leaves. If it is winter, keep the walkway up to your home free of snow.

       Clean up the house and consider a fresh coat of paint or new carpets in worn areas.  Some homebuyers do not have the necessary imagination to picture the home how it could look and you may lose a prospect due to cosmetic issue

       Think Safety. Repair or replace anything, which might present a safety hazard. 

       Potential buyers are looking for storage space as well as comfortable living areas. Make sure your storage areas in the attic and basement are clean and free of unnecessary items.

       Organize your closets.  

       Keep your bedrooms neat -- offer prizes to your children for the nicest kept room.  Check and repair caulking in your bathrooms.

       Let the sun shine in! Open your curtains and drapes to let the light in (make sure to dust!!)

       Turn on all your lights - both inside and outside. Lights add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome.

      Leave your home or keep the company present to a minimum, when buyers visit.

       Make sure your pets are out of the way, when buyers visit and clean that kitty litter.

       When prospects want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to your listing agent.

       Make sure your home shows at its best--  keep it ready to show at all times

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