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How Do I Improve my Sales Speech?
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To be successful in sales in is not enough to have a good sale presentation; you must also deliver it effectively.  Some suggestions to improve your sales presentation are:


  • Speak very clearly and deliberately.  Do not whisper and do not shout.  Practice your delivery by taping yourself. 
  • Lean forward while speaking.  This will help engage the prospect and deliver a sense of urgency.  Do not invade your prospect’s space.
  • Avoid the “uhm’s” or “ah’s”.  Overusing these terms will wind up focusing the prospect’s attention on the flaws rather than on your message.  Again, practice by taping your delivery and avoid annoying your prospect.
  • Keep your presentation concise and to the point.  Be ready to answer any questions your prospect may have.  Research the neighborhood, area, schools and comparables before you present.  Prospects will always want to know how their homes have evaluated and what homes are selling for in the neighborhood.  Obtain as much information as possible when covering a specific property.  
  • Avoid any nervous habits or fidgeting.  Sit or stand calmly and look the prospect in the eye.
  • Be enthusiastic.  Talk about how you “love” the area or certain characteristics or the neighborhood or about real estate in general.  Show that you love what you do.
  • Vary your voice.  Listen to great orators and learn how they enounce and use variations on the speed or tone they speak in, to emphasize or downplay what they talking about.  Your voice and the way you deliver your speech strongly support your message – make the best of it. 
  • Follow the prospect’s lead.  If the prospect is mostly interested in facts and figures (engineers or analysts), do not include too much small talk in your presentation.  If the prospect is chatty and likes to talk, engage in a friendly conversation without becoming too personal or getting drawn into gossip.
  • If you are very timid, consider taking a public speaking course.  It will help you relax and be comfortable in a sales environment.  Contrary to popular belief, sales people do not have to be forceful or overpowering.  Many times, prospects feel more comfortable with a less aggressive personality.  Becoming a good amateur psychologist, on the other hand, will be extremely rewarding.  Know and understand your audience:  become a good listener.  


Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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