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How Do I Make Sure The Home I Buy Will Appreciate In Value?
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The buyer’s best bet is to study the area he/she wants to live in and do the homework to study and learn as much about the area as possible.  Your agent should be able to guide you in this effort.  In many cases, homes closer to city centers and business areas are valued higher and appraise faster because of the desire of the public to shorten their commute to and from work (your agent should be able to run a report showing the appraisal of homes in the subdivision or area you are interested in over a period of time).  On the other hand, the buyer may get a nicer and larger home for the same price, if willing to consider a longer commute and the chosen home may grow over time to become a hot buy.  Studying the county’s future land use map, which can be obtained at the county seat, may provide useful information. 


The most often quoted rule is that location is most important.  Typically, you will want to make sure the house does not back to busy streets and is as close to the interior of the subdivision as possible.  Avoid corners and intersections.  Choose the middle of the block or a cul-de-sac.  Stay away from homes which are considered “unique.” 


You'll want to be sure the home has at least two bathrooms, unless you plan to remodel.  Also, buying a smaller home in an upscale neighborhood might appreciate due to its surroundings. Learn about the schools and shopping convenience, as well as possible local dumps or areas which might detract from the property value.  Again, knowing the area will help you make the best decision.


Finally, sometimes it is just timing that works out best. For example, if you buy a home before a major surge in local prices.  This again would be related to the need to be informed about the area before purchasing the home. 

Home Buying Questions - Search & Offer FAQ's
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