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This is the number one question I am asked and the greatest challenge that brokers experience.  Why?  Because there has to be a shift in the strategies and tactics when recruiting experienced agents.  I watch small and large brokerages continually add technology, marketing pieces, and an overall packaging of their value proposition with the belief that itís the magic pill for attracting top agents.  If you have followed my previous articles, Iím going to sound like a broken record.  Agents donít join the company or the stuff the company offers, they join the leader and skills that the leader has to offer.


This article is the first of a three part series that will focus on the areas of focus in recruiting the experienced agent.  Letís talk about the first critical area a leader must focus on to recruit experienced agents consistently, but before we do that, I want to share with you what Not to focus on.


Agents arenít looking for a manager, or should I say, caretaker.  If you have recently stepped into management or have been in management for years, you might have to make a dramatic shift.  The mistake I see made time and time again is the broker validating their value by solving problems and handholding.  How much revenue does this generate for a company?  Not much.  Recognize that you have a support staff in place for the numerous administrative activities that need to be accomplished on a daily basis.  How much time are you spending in those non-revenue producing activities, and ultimately, are you serving the agent at the highest level?


Hereís the first piece to being a successful experienced agent recruiter, your skills (I will talk about the 2 other attributes of a successful experienced agent recruiter in future articles).  Remember, skills arenít defined by your ability to resuscitate an escrow.  Can you sit down with a Super Agent, learn about the current flow and strategies of their business, and then, lead them down a more productive and systemized path?  Can you craft a business plan for an agent based on their strengths and transfer skill-sets to them in their greatest areas of weakness?  Think about it, thatís all Super Agent wants.  How do I know this?  Take a look at all the top agents that are hiring a coach.  Thereís only one reason theyíre hiring a coach, theyíre not getting the coaching they need from their broker.  Maybe painful to hear, but true.  Iím not here to minimize the value of a coach or coaching companies, the point Iím making is that the more your agents have to go outside of the company for training, the more your value as a leader is diluted.  What if you could give the same value to your agents they are receiving from a coach?  Would you and your office become the most attractive option for experienced agents?  Of course!


Hereís something for you to consider if you feel that youíre just not up to snuff in the ability to lead and provide value to Super Agent.  Do you currently have buyer specialists in your office?  Do you have strong listing agents in your office?  Do you have agents that experience great success doing open house?  Do you have agents that have a productive expired listing program?  Do you have systems and staff in place that brings this all together creating a productive office?  Well, there you have it.  All the pieces in place in your office are being led by you.  Itís no different than what Super Agent has to lead and manage on a daily business with their business and team.  Now do you see you have the skills to lead and recruit any level of agent?  Most agents are great salespeople, but they need support in leadership and systems.  You have the skills to do so!!  You also have a responsibility to continually increase your skill-sets.  You didnít ďarriveĒ when you took the job as branch manager you started a long journey of growth for you and the people you lead.

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