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Out of curiosity a few years ago, I asked a few of my home buyers and sellers if they knew what all those designations after my name meant. They thought it meant something special but were not really sure. I explained to them that the CRS designation means Certified Residential Specialist. They knew I sold residential real estate and not commercial real estate but didn't quite understand why I was asking them. They did not know that back then there were 50,000 CRS agents nation wide. They did not know that it is the highest designation you can have as a Realtor. They did not know that you have to sell a certain amount of real estate and complete a certain amount of classes prior to getting the designation. The general public does not know about all the continuing education we Realtors have to have. The public is unaware that we can go on and get an equivalent to a Masters Degree in Real Estate.’

I started to do some research because I knew I had to come up with a better way to set myself apart. I knew I had to think of something that the general public would understand so I came up with the idea of America’s Best Agents and America’s Best Real Estate. Every buyer and seller wants to work with the best. Every agent wants to be recognized as the best. So I put together

At America's Best Real Estate's website we choose only one top agent per area to represent Americaa's Best Agents. To be approved as America's Best Agent, you have to have been in the business at least 5 years and have sold at least 5 million dollars worth of real estate. You have to be presently working the business with a CRS designation or have at least two other NAR approved designations. You must be recommended or approved by one of the other members in America’s Best and belong to the National Association of Realtors and follow the code of ethics.

In Naples Florida, where I live and work, there are close to 6400 Realtors in our local MLS Board which includes Bonita and Estero. It has been reported that one out of every three people in Naples has their real estate license. More than half of the agents here only sell one house a year, because many live out of state. You know that old saying, “10% of the agents do 90% of the business. That is not true in Naples. It's more like 5% of the agents do 95% of the business!

When I first got into the real estate business close to 30 years ago, I was so excited I wanted to learn as much as I could as fast as I could. I chose to educate myself to the highest degree so I could best serve my clients. I got my GRI, CRS, ALHS, AHS and more. I wanted to have all the credentials because I wanted to stand out from other Realtors.

I have had very few referrals from CRS agents since I received my designation in 1991. I was under the impression that I would get a lot of referrals from other CRS agents. I worked very hard to get my designations, and I know every agent who has the multiple designations have worked just as hard. I love having the designations but if the general public doesn't understand what they mean, how does it help set any of us apart from all the other real estate agents who don't have designations? I pondered this question over and over.

Since starting America's Best Agents and branding our team as America's Best, our over all advertising expenses have gone down and our sales have more than doubled. I believe it is because of our name. We network together because we all want to help each other succeed. We are always researching for the best marketing tools to set us above the crowd of general Realtors. I truly believe, especially in this difficult real estate market, that we have to do something different to stand out. We have a trade marked logo that agents can use on all their print materials showing their potential clients that they have been chosen as America's Best Agent in their local area. Building a large exclusive network of top agents has always been one of my dreams.

I know there is nothing better than branding your name. When you think of soda, you think of Coke. When you think of tissue, you think of Kleenex. It is our goal that when you think of real estate agents, you will think of America's Best Agents. Visit for more information.

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