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How Important Is Knowledge Of The Internet To A Real Estate Agent?
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As new and established agents are finding out, consumers have become very knowledgeable about the internet and are using it extensively to search for a new home.  Based on recent statistics, while in 2000 only 20% of people interviewed admitted beginning their search by using the internet, their number rose to 70% by 2006. 


The above statistics offer a clear indication on how critical it is for new and established agents to embrace the use of the internet.  Major brokers have done so by creating sophisticated websites, which provide a page for each agent, in addition to posting listings and offering overall real estate information.  In addition, the MLS is an internet-based service, accessible by all local agents and often linked to independent websites, for access by the client. 


Most successful agents or teams have their own website.  Website design and support services abound and the new agent must take care to research services carefully, to avoid excessive charges promised by those enterprises, which often fall short of their mark. By talking to established agents, you will be able to identify services, which are free of charge.  This might be an excellent way to begin your internet involvement while launching your real estate career. 


Advertising is one of the most expensive areas for any real estate professional and identifying the most successful options is a skill.  Internet-based services promise greater exposure, search engine preference and increased hits on your website. Many services offer to route prospects to your website and bill by the “hits”.  Few of these services are trackable via your website statistics and you may incur greater expenses than anticipated.  Extreme caution must be observed, before buying a service or agreeing to an online contract. 


An excellent way to develop your business by using the Internet, is to attend as many continuing education courses offered by your broker or your local real estate commission.  You will earn well-applied CE credits.  You should also become an expert in searching real estate related sites on the internet.  Visit other brokers or team sites and get ideas to include on your site. 


The most important thing a new agent can do is to educate him or herself about the internet as related to real estate.  You do no want to run the risk of having your client be more knowledgeable than you about the use of the internet, when searching for real estate. 

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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