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How Should I Plan My Moving Day?
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The following tips might help you plan a successful move:


2 weeks out

       Coordinate with your buyer regarding the transfer of utilities. Typically, the seller will cancel the utilities one day after the move. 

       Make sure you have arrangements for a place to stay after the closing, unless you have arranged to rent the home back from the buyer. 


1 week out

       Close safe-deposit box.

       Important papers, jewelry or other valuables must be moved by you personally.

       If you are moving to another state and your banking institution is local, consider closing or transferring your savings account. Keep your checking account active until you open a new account in your new town.


Previous Day

       Order meals for family and movers.

       Pack essentials and important papers where you can transport them personally or can easily find them.  Mark the boxes carefully. 

       Clean out your fridge.  Dont wait until the last moment.


Moving Day

       Carefully review the bill of lading.

       Note the cell phone number and other contact information of the movers.

       If your house is not sold yet, make sure a relative and the real estate agent have keys.

       Plan for meals and childcare. 

       Assign responsibilities to different family members, including someone waiting at the new home for the movers.

       Make sure boxes are properly marked, especially those containing important papers or immediate necessities.

       Be sure to leave all spare keys and garage door openers on the kitchen counter for the buyers.

       Make sure your agent has your new contact information, in case any issues arise with the sale of your home, which you must address.

       Hire a maid service to clean after the move.

Home Selling Questions - Moving for the Seller FAQ's
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