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The difference between getting the listing and walking out with “We’ll think it over and get back to you” is all in your listing presentation.  If you walk in with Dirk’s time-tested and proven (by 1000s of agents) listing presentation you’ll walk out with the listing. What would life be like if you had all the winning scripts and dialogues to help you nail the listing presentation? Even better than that, what if you had the right seller handouts and scripts to help you get the listing presentation appointment? The five CDs includes:

·          Dozens of Seller Handouts for the Listing Presentation

·          Forms & Checklists for the Listing Presentation

·          Complete Listing Presentation Package (Letter Templates, Seller Surveys, Market     Handouts, Seller Resource Handouts (too many Seller Handouts to list)

·          Listing Prospect Pre-Qualification Interview Forms & Scripts

·          Dozens of Scripts to Handle the Listing Presentation

Listing Presentation Evaluation Worksheet (Helps You Perfect Your Presentation

Dirk Zeller

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Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Books & CD's
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