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How do I Create Sales Letters?
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A sales letter can be one of your most successful marketing tools. It is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your services to a selected group. An excellent idea, to ensure your prospects open your letter is to add a “gift,” such as a packet of seeds in the spring, a tea bag in winter or a sports schedule at the appropriate time of the year. Feeling bulk inside the letter will drive curiosity in the recipient and a gift is always welcome. Many agents like to include a fridge magnet with their card, which ensures your name and number will stay in front of the prospect ongoing.

The wording of your letter is critical. You must capture your readers’ attention immediately. Thus, a heading clipped from recent news such as “Interest Rates Drop to All Time Lows,” will draw positive attention. Your first sentence should then describe how lower interest rates can benefit the reader and how you can help. You may also offer a comparable market analysis FREE OF CHARGE! Remember everyone loves a “freebie!” Make sure your name and contact information is easily visible and includes your business card.

You may also consider sending postcards. Again, there are numerous companies specializing in real estate products. You might find their brochure at your brokerage or ask your broker for guidance.
Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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