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How do I Prepare Myself before Showing Property to my Clients?
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It is very important for the agent to know more about the area and the home than the client does. In this Internet age, clients have easy access to all kinds of information and the agent must make an effort to stay ahead of the pack. In addition, you must particularly show off your knowledge of the real estate field. A new agent should spend time reading and re-reading every contract and form related to a real estate transaction. Your clients should be able to rely on you to explain what the terms mean. Make sure to ask your broker for help with any area or term not completely clear to you. Being intimately familiar with the contents of all forms and contracts, will also serve to develop your real estate vocabulary.

As your expertise as a Realtor® grows, always remember that what may seem a common occurrence to you (selling homes), is an extraordinary occurrence for most of your clients (they do not purchase homes every day, as a rule.) Therefore, you must always remember they are investing a lot of money in the purchase and have a right to be extremely cautious throughout the transaction. It pays to always put yourself in your client’s shoes.

In addition, you must be available to your client at all times, either by phone or email. Be sure to check your messages as often as possible and return phone calls or provide information immediately.

When making plans to take a Buyer “shopping” for a home, be sure to create a folder for the client containing information about the homes you will visit, organized by address or order in which the homes are visited. You also want to provide blank pages, to allow your client to make notes about the home. In addition, it is a good idea to “preview” homes, so you can prepare the client and obtain additional information about the area and to be sure you do not waste time looking for an address.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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