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How do I Prepare a Listing Presentation?
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Listing presentations are the ultimate form of advertising. When you give a listing presentation, you have done your legwork and achieved an interview with the prospective seller. This is huge!

Your listing presentation needs to be attractive, creative and offer plenty of usable information. It should include extensive information and statistics about your agency. This is especially important for a beginning agent, since you will not have much personal experience in the real estate area to offer. However, you may talk about any related business experience you accumulated throughout your career and continue to describe how the experience will help you efficiently sell the prospectís home.

Other information to be included in the listing presentation is a comparable market analysis. The analysis should include active, sold and expired comparables. This approach will allow you to arrive at the best asking price for the home. Active homes represent the competition, sold homes indicate the amount the market has been willing to support in the last six months and expired homes show defects or over-pricing.

In addition, your listing presentation should include your marketing plan, sample brochures or booklets (which may be printed by your brokerage), staging ideas (these can be found on this site) and Internet address where the property will be displayed.

Be sure to include your contact information with the listing presentation and follow-up with the seller one or two days after the presentation.

Be ready to address the commission issue. Every sellerís focus is both on the suggested asking price and commission amount. Be ready to explain the commission you are suggesting, calculate whether it makes sense to drop your commission and explain that the selling agentís commission must be attractive enough for selling agents to bring their clients to the property.
Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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