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How do I Simplify the Negotiating Process?
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A negotiation need not become a war. An important step in a negotiation is to ask your client or opposing agent to present their needs and position. By doing this, you are showing respect, being polite and learning from them what would make them happy. In other words, you learn about their needs, which allow you to develop a solution.

Sales people must make sure the client or anyone they negotiate with feel they can be trusted. Be honest during the negotiations and do not try to “put one over” on the other side. You want to keep the doors open and communications flowing.

While your client may want to take a hard-nosed approach and make a very low offer, respectfully share the concern that the seller has no obligation to respond, which frequently occurs if the seller perceives an offer as insulting. An insulting offer sets the stage for a very difficult negotiation because now you have to overcome the seller’s unwillingness to cooperate. After all, the seller’s pride has been hurt. If possible, avoid this scenario. Your verbal explanations to the seller’s agent will go a long way to ensure a smooth outcome, even in a difficult situation.

When dealing with a hard-nosed buyer, your best bet is to share information on recently sold comparables for the home he/she is buying. This is where the agent becomes the diplomat and where your negotiation skills come in. Any offer can be presented, without an apology but with the necessary respect. You are responsible for presenting any offer your client asks you to present but should always try to maintain a cordial environment while doing so.

Once you show a client a home, which he or she obviously likes, it pays to “assume” they will make an offer for it. By “assuming” they will make an offer, your entire behavior expresses a positive emotion. Your confidence will be, to a certain extent, contagious to the client

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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