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How do I ensure my Client’s Loyalty?
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In real estate, loyalty is critical. The real estate market is extremely competitive and you want to make sure your clients are loyal to you because they enjoy working with you and they feel you are looking after them.

Making a good first impression or reversing a negative impression is all about letting people know you like them. The path to becoming successful as a sales agent is paved by your ability to show your emotional side. Having said this, you must be sensitive to your client’s personality and support that personality’s needs. If your client is outgoing, you will have no problem establishing an animated conversation. However, your client may be analytical and require extensive and detailed information. Be sure you “read” your clients personality and needs and support them by reacting to their specific requirements.

All agents come across personalities they have a very difficult time dealing with. If this is the case, do not feel uncomfortable referring the client to a colleague, who might be better suited to deal with that particular entity. It is better to make a smaller cut of the commission (typically referrals pay 25% of the total commission earned) than to lose a client and potentially earn a bad name.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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