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How to Find the Best Deals in a Down Real Estate Market
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We have already gone over the idea that you want to invest in a down real estate market, and how to be smart about investing, but so many people donít know how to find the best deals in a down real estate market. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision about investing in real estate in a down market.

  • Know ahead of time what the asking price is for other houses in the area. Similar houses may not have similar prices and while some people may be clinging to the idea that they can get their mortgage paid off, the reality is that millions of Americans are going to wind up being up side down in their house. Knowing the average price of the real estate market of the area you want to invest in is going to give you an idea of what the asking price should be and will help you negotiate a good discount.
  • Look around the neighborhood; are there a lot of for sale (or foreclosure sale) signs in the front yards? Are there lots of un-kept lawns or stagnant pools? Are there newspapers piling up on a front porch? These are signs that the recession has hit this neighborhood hard. Banks will be more than willing to have these difficult properties off their hands and your chances of making a good bargain are much, much higher. The people selling their houses will also be eager to sell, so now is the time to strike if you want to acquire lots of small tracts, or relatively small tracts, in one fell swoop. These neighborhoods are likely to be discounted because of the low demand and the high abandonment and foreclosure rate. Work smart and work fast to get a good deal
  • Some people prefer less investments with a higher rate of return; in this case, look at neighborhoods that seem relatively recession proof; they are the perfect combination of three types of infrastructure. First, they are located near transportation infrastructures such as train lines, freeways and highways, or a reliable bus route. Second, they are near shopping centers, super markets, and good schools. Theses support infrastructures are going ot be very desirable to families once they start returning to real estate. And finally, look for recreation infrastructure such as river, parks, lake, amusement parks and the like. Proximity to these may increase desirability which means that when you do sell, you will sell big.

Remember that investing in real estate in this down market is a long term game of patience and smarts. You canít (or at least shouldnít) expect to flip houses like you could have a year or more ago; you just wonít have the buyers, to put it bluntly. Buy now, get a good discount, and sit on the property until the real estate market makes its inevitable return. You will be glad you did.


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