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There are tons of agents out there.  But how do you find the right one for you?

Should you use your friend?

Should you use a referral?

Should you use an agent you found online?

At the end of the day you need to find the best agent for you.  Naturally, you'll tend to want to use your friend to help them out and do them a favor.  I'm all for this, but just make sure they are professional and separate business and friendship.  Business means, if your friend the agent doesn't provide good service then you will go somewhere else.  Friendship means, whether or not you use him/her you're still buddies.

As always, referrals as a good place to start.  The best marketing is word of mouth.  The challenge is sometimes the referrers didn't really shop agents to begin with and therefore refer the only agent they've ever known.  Ask them specific questions about the agent and see what they liked and how that agent was different.

Last, should you use an agent you found on the internet.  Getting and mining leads for agents online is highly competitive.  Usually, agents who do a lot of business from online referrals generally are very good at what they do.  Some examples include, they must have very good response times.  For example, at Incolo Real Estate, we make it a point to contact most of the people who drop by our site within two hours. 

So in general, it really depends.  Find an agent that works for you and gives you good service.  Just because they're your friend doesn't necessarily mean they'll be better agents.  It just means you'll have to give them more grace in case they mess up. 

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