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Hunting Land For Sale In Alabama-How To Pick The Perfect Property
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When it comes to hunting land for sale in Alabama there are some business things to look for as well as some hunting needs to mix in. If you are in the market to buy hunting land in Alabama look for things that will keep the price down per acre but still make the land enjoyable.


What are some things to look out for when you are buying hunting land in Alabama? One thing and the most obvious is can I kill deer on this land, but beyond that here are some things to remember while looking for a deal and a few things that will get you a cheaper per acre price. If you look in what some would consider an undesirable area and I will not go into great detail to describe what makes the Alabama County you are looking in undesirable I will leave that one to you but this will keep down your per acre cost. One thing you can do is check with the local sheriffís office to see how much crime an area has you donít want to worry constantly about your gear but if an area just does not look good it will bring less money at sale and this could help you spend more on stands and other hunting gear.


Another pretty big deal on price will be distance from a large metropolitan area lets say Birmingham, if you donít mind your deer camp being a little farther out this could also drastically lower your per acre price. I have seen for instance in South Mississippi thirty five extra miles from the Louisiana State line lower the price per acre as much as $ 1,000.00 and this is substantial when buying larger tracts of hunting land for sale in Alabama.


If you have equipment or if you donít mind setting up your own hunting camp this can also save thousands of dollars when buying your hunting land, what I mean by this is if you look at one hunting property and all the dear plots are in place, deer blinds are set up, four wheeler trails are all pushed by a dozer and clean and ready to ride, the property lines have all been cleared and make for perfect walking this is going to cost you. When I have sold hunting land in the past I made it my job to get the land set up and ready for a hunter to walk straight to his hunting blind and enjoy his property, this is where I made my money.


I always made money getting hunting land ready for the man that just did not have the time to do it himself, hunting land for sale in Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana is a luxury and that could not be truer in todayís unstable market so look for the things I did when I bought land. When I went on the search I looked for grown up land, cutover, title issues, right of way problems, a little out of the normal buying loop, things like this have no bearing on the deer hunt itself but could save your wallet thousands.


Remember when looking to buy your first or tenth piece of hunting land for sale in Alabama look for the small things that can save you money buying your land so you can put more in setting up the land for the hunt or buying more hunting gear so you and your family can enjoy your land more.


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