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Hunting Land For Sale In Alabama-How To Profit From Buying And Selling Land
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If you have ever wanted to buy and sell hunting land for sale in Alabama now is the perfect time to get started. Many people want to be an Alabama real estate investor and I will show you how to get started on a small scale to stay financially safe.


How and why would you invest in hunting land in Alabama? In Alabama hunting land is a very big market when it comes to the real estate that is bought and sold here. How do I get started, first thing is you must find your first land tract to get you going, be patient this might take some time but deals are made the day you buy your land not the day its sold. The reason you make your profit the day you buy your land is you donít want to buy unless itís a down right bargain, if you have more cash reserves or you have a great salary you can afford to stretch this a little but remember working hard and taking risks are not fun without the reward of some profit at the end of the deal.


If you are ready to dive in then first thing is where to find a good piece of hunting land for sale in Alabama, look where not many are searching. The internet is a great place to start your search for land but there are many other ways to find a deal if you donít mind work. Take a trip to each local court house in the Alabama Counties you want to trade in and go to the tax rolls, there is someone there that can show you around. When you get in the tax rolls look for property where the taxes have not been paid and go back for three years and get all the names and address of each tax payer. The next thing you want to do is mail them a very none threatening letter and make sure you do not call them unless they call you first this will put them on the defensive and make communication with them impossible. Another good way is to subscribe to every newspaper in the Counties you wish to work and watch the classified section for foreclosures, when you see a property hit the paper it will have a legal description and you will have to track down where that land is located to make sure its in an area you want to be in.


Now lets assume you have found a good tract of hunting land to work and remember if you are targeting the hunting land market make sure it will make a good piece of hunting property or you will have trouble selling to a hunter unless he is green himself and by that I mean not very experienced in hunting and there is not a many of those out there. Donít buy near a neighborhood, fresh cutover unless its cheap or anything that will make your land a lot harder to sell than the property down the road or your hold time will be extended and interest will eat into your profit and kill your deal.



When it comes to making money on hunting land for sale in Alabama if you can find a deal you can make a profit, thatís easier said than done, you must put most of your time and effort into finding you perfect hunting tract.


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