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Hunting Land For Sale In Louisiana-Know Your Neighbor
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When you are looking at hunting land for sale in Louisiana do some checking on the property and who might be your new neighbor. If you find a perfect tract of land for your hunting camp in Louisiana and buy it without checking on anything you might find yourself with property you would like to give away just to get away from the nightmare that want go away.


If you find yourself looking for that perfect hunting land for sale in Louisiana let me give you a few tips to follow before you go through with the sale. I know you are asking what is he talking about; I am trying to save your sanity after the land sale. I am going to give you a few cases that might have you ready to give your land away. I will put you in the middle of a situation, you have bought your land, did not check on any surrounding land owners and youíre in the middle of your first hunt. All of a sudden a pack of dogs comes running through your deer plot, first thing you do is get mad and think maybe Iíll shoot the dogs but thatís against the law, well my neighbor just did not know I was hunting here Iím a new owner of this land and they had free run of it until now.


So what now, you call off your hunt because the dogs killed that for you and you start looking for the neighbor and it doesnít take long to find him or his fifteen hunting buddies they are right outside your gate tracking down those pesky dogs. As a good neighbor does you introduce yourself to your neighbor and in less than two minutes you see you have just stepped into a hornets nest. It is apparent this bunch has no intention of not running through your land with their dogs and after a few more minutes you start to loose your cool you see that your hunting land for sale in Louisiana is that nightmare youíve read about and you are in the middle of a bunch of red neck hillbillies that have less sense that reason.


Now let me tell you a few ways to protect yourself from ever running into this nightmare and believe me I have seen it happen. If you are in the process of buying hunting land in Louisiana do a little homework before the land closing. If you are in good hunting land for sale in Louisiana territory you have heard of deer hunting pressure well there is also land owner pressure, go meet the neighbors look for hunting dog boxes, homes in disarray and in general do the homes look like someone you would want to live by. Another thing you can do is check with some of the locals if you are from out of town and this is in many land sales the case. If you hear negative things about the neighbors or the area do yourself a favor and keep looking there is much hunting land for sale in Louisiana that want drive you to insanity as a land owner.


If you are in the market for hunting land for sale in Louisiana remember this property could come with a lot more than good deer hunting and fishing. Do your homework check your neighbors just like you would check the deed to the land; neighbor problems could be just as bad as title problems with land.


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