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Hunting Land For Sale In Mississippi-Where Is The Best Hunting And Deal
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When it comes to hunting land for sale in Mississippi the southern part of the state may be thought of as king but donít leave out the north and Delta portions of Mississippi. Where can you do some good hunting and still get a good buy on your land, price may leave the very Southern end of the State.


The very Southern end of Mississippi is thought of by many as king of hunting in Mississippi and there is some truth in this statement but if you factor in price of the land it might leave you wanting to go a little farther North to get a better deal on your Mississippi hunting land. Wilkinson, Amite, Franklin, Adams and parts of Pike Counties in Mississippi have very good hunting and if you look hard enough and long enough you can still find a reasonable deal when you buy your land. If you will look first in Wilkinson County you can most likely get the best deal depending on what part of the county you are looking at, larger land tracts will also be cheaper and areas like Delarosa which is just North of Woodville will also be cheaper but areas like this are considered hard hunting. In Delarosa you will find hills and hollows for sure, I have hunted in some areas there and if you shoot a deer you better put it down right then and there or bring your camera because you will not be walking out with your trophy.


If you move East a little this is the area many folks from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans Louisiana area like to buy in and this is what drives the price up in Amite, Pike and Walthall Counties. The Pike County Mississippi area is thought of first in many cases due to its geographic location to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Covington Louisiana and also the fact that Interstate I-55 runs through Pike County and makes hunting land for sale in Pike County MS so accessible. If you are looking at buying in Pike County you will also see higher prices and higher taxes which might drive you on North to Lincoln County or maybe even Copiah County which has much lower land sales prices than Amite and Pike.  I have gotten pretty deep in this article and have not even gotten to Walthall County which has some pretty good deer hunting of its own and if you look in the right spots some midrange prices compared to Pike and Walthall Counties.


I will try and some up a few Mississippi Counties that are worth taking a hard look at depending on your desired drive time to the deer camp. Wilkinson County is in close proximity to Louisiana and will have great deer and duck hunting with fair to high land prices and fairly high land tax rates but all in all a must look at if the drive time is ok, Pike and Amite will not have the duck hunting Wilkinson does but pretty good deer hunting with Amite County having a much lower tax base and good access to Louisiana by I-55 and also some County back roads for parts of both Amite and Pike.


If you donít mind a little higher purchase price for Mississippi hunting land for sale, leave the taxes out of the equation I say look at Wilkinson, Pike, Amite and Walthall Counties for overall hunting, area to be in, access to hunting supplies and the people in the area, these Counties are a good start.




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