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From the time of first production of Jepara furniture is very popular throughout the world. But unfortunately the end of the end is the name of Jepara was undermined by unscrupulous fraudsters who sell online on FB by bringing the name of Jepara furniture or furniture Jepara. They even dare to use the address of the original entrepreneurs of Jepara. To fight against the fraudsters and save the name of Jepara.

On FB there are that make the page "INFO Fraudsters Furniture Jepara" there many once a list of online stores that carry the names of abal abal Jepara. Unfortunately the page there is a trace and is now less active. Then there is also the United Kingdom speaking blog "Save Our Jepara Furniture" Author Search the word Jepara furniture on Facebook, there are many visible once the online store carries the name of Jepara. Of course we it's hard knowing where the original or fake, but no way to track them.

The entrepreneurs of this incorporated in Jepara ASMINDO (the employers ' Association of furniture and crafts of Indonesia). Incidentally one of its administrator was old comrade writers on Facebook namely mas Jauhar. He was deeply concerned over the large number of victims of fraud online shop furniture Jepara disosial media, particularly Facebook. To that end, he appealed to the people to carefully, check ahead and confirm before transacting.

Conclusion authors:

1. FALSE Jepara furniture Stores usually jamming the TAGS online shop at hundreds of people who were not on his FB privacy. This is to lure potential victims so that your insistence on what is offered.

2. do not readily believe in the online shop anywhere that has not been established his credibility

3. Don't ease insistence on luxury goods at cheap prices, check first the photographs on display through Google Images.

4. Make it a habit to "Googling" when there is an offer from the online store, check the name of the shop and then compare the prices with other stores. Better care and conscientious than deceived.

5. If they give the address of the shop, check on Google or ask FB friends who live in the tsb to find shops they will be.

6. Observe Beach warning URL/LINK FB cheater, because usually just replace the name of the former sales associate of HP and then selling furniture. It seems that fraud rampant in Indonesia onlline. During this time their victims are many issues has occurred and by the Government.

No assertiveness law for the perpetrators of fraud even though the book of the Law of criminal law is clear and unequivocal. It turns out that as citizens we should keep ourselves so that they cannot be fooled.
Real Estate Glossary - Acronyms in Real Estate
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