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I Have Pets. What Do I Do With Them When The House Is Shown?
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If there are pets in the home, the seller must inform the agent and a special comment will be included in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) description of the home.  Typically, the agent will include the term “caution pets” in the listing, in order to make selling agents aware to look out for the pets.  This also serves as a cautionary statement, should there be aggressive dogs on the premises.  If there are pets who should not be allowed in the house or out of the house, the agent will explain this fact under the special comments section in the MLS and even place a note inside the lockbox, should this be necessary.


If an appointment is made to show the home, the seller’s responsibility is to make sure the pets are confined and out of the way, this is especially true when there are aggressive dogs in the house.  In this latter case, the seller may prefer to take the dog(s) along when they leave the premises.


In addition, pet owners selling a home must make sure to deal with pet odors.  Often, the owner will not be aware of the fact that a visitor may be met with unpleasant pet odors from kitty litters or dogs living in the home.  Therefore, special care must be given to maintain the home free of odors, which may be offensive to a visitor and kill the deal. 

Home Selling Questions - Staging & Marketing FAQ's
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