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I have no Sales Experience_ How do I Start Selling Real Estate?
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Although you may think you have no “sales experience,” you actually do. If you have ever been able to change someone else’s mind on a subject or been hired for a job, you have actually sold your thoughts or your own value and expertise.

With any sales effort, your first goal must be selling a “solution,” not necessarily a product or, in the case of real estate, a home or property. A good salesperson is able to identify a need and fills it. A good salesperson also continually trains to improve his or her skills of persuasion, while keeping the client’s best interest in mind at all times.

A good place to start developing excellent sales skills is to think of a salesperson you, as the client, were impressed by. How did that service provider handle and fulfill your particular needs and what made him or her stand out in your mind? Try to emulate those qualities, which you admired in that salesperson, at the time.

In the real estate business, perhaps more than in other sales-related enterprises, it is critical that you view everyone around you as a prospective customer (or better yet, client.)

Real estate sales opportunities are present throughout our everyday lives. You just need to be open to them and willing to pursue them. For example, you are standing in the checkout line of your favorite store. There are other customers waiting in line with you. By viewing this as an “opportunity,” you might begin a conversation or even share your business card with those closest to you in line. Do not be surprised if you run into someone who happens to be looking for a home in the area and may even have a particular home in mind, she or he wants to view. It helps to have your real estate key handy at all times and to wear your name and brokerage tag.

Another excellent approach to developing a client base is to make a list of every business or vendor you are a client of, e.g., your dentist, hairdresser, vet and of all your acquaintances and relatives. This is called your “sphere of influence.” Develop your database using these contacts and use the database to email information and stay in touch on a regular basis.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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