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Business Becomes Family

Close on eleven years ago now, David Eiglarsh joined his mother’s Florida real estate team to learn the business inside and out, with a goal of helping to build the best real estate practice in the country. Soon that aspiration became a reality, and together David and his mother Dorothy established The Eiglarsh Team. This arrangement grew into a flexible, effective partnership that allowed the personal strengths of each agent to complement each other and create a well-balanced team. David and Dorothy both readily admit that they find no greater satisfaction than helping people discover the home of their dreams.

The results of this joint endeavor? Profitable: last year the Eiglarsh Team sold over $40 million in Miami real estate.

A Profit-Draining Trend

Shortly after the team was formed, David began a process of meticulously analyzing every nook and cranny of his mother’s business, searching for opportunities to improve her already solid establishment. During this period of evaluation, David discovered a trend that had been significantly impacting her bottom line for quite some time: about one third of his mother’s listings consistently expired unsold. Essentially, one out of every three listings she took she failed to sell.

David realized that while his mother had been fighting on her client’s behalf to get them the highest possible price, she was simply losing the battle against time. They needed to either shorten the time it took to sell, which would necessitate a price reduction, or increase the length of time in the listing agreement. Bearing this in mind, he began to rework the company’s listing presentation. His chief goal was to create a presentation that would impress every potential home buyer or seller beyond all doubt, consistently persuading them to list with the Eiglarsh Team. The result was a stellar listing presentation; a solid combination of individual components that interact together as a compelling whole for the expressed purpose of utterly overwhelming prospective clients.

Perfecting the Presentation

After eleven years of refinement, David Eiglarsh’s listing presentation represents, in many ways, the paramount example of a thorough, customer-centric confidence-building tool designed to create a rapid, powerful bond of trust and respect between all involved parties.

iSucceed’s newest success module “The Surefire Listing Presentation: From Start to Finish” takes an in-depth look at David Eiglarsh’s listing presentation – how he uses it during his first appointment, how to handle often sensitive pricing issues, and especially how to overcome the myriad types of objections agents inevitably face.

For agents who struggle with their listing presentations, this valuable module walks you step by step through the components that make up a solid presentation, revealing the key techniques David uses to consistently secure the listing. At the end of the module, iSucceed members will have exclusive access to download David’s entire listing presentation, which they may then reproduce and use in their local market. Members simply click the “Related Materials” button, select the presentation, and learn from a superstar agent with more than a decade of experience, closing 165 transactions grossing $52 million in sales revenue last year!


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