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$70K Awarded!

On Friday, March 24th, Anita Lam, rookie agent for Elfant Wissahickon Realty of Philadelphia, became The Real Estate Apprentice’s Season III Grand Prize Winner!

Anita was overcome with joy as she received $70,000 worth of real estate education, products, tools and services. According to The Real Estate Apprentice Foundation, each item is carefully selected to help get new agents on the fast track to real estate success. During a personal interview Anita described her good fortune in this way, “The Real Estate Apprentice program is an excellent opportunity for new agents to receive education and marketing assistance from high-caliber sponsors known for their professionalism and expertise. Winning is a total blessing and certainly Heaven sent.” The task now ahead for Anita is to take full advantage of the huge opportunity has been given, implementing all of the new tools at her disposal. 

The Accolades of Colleagues

Louise D’Allesandro, Broker/Co-Owner of Elfant Wissahickon Realty, joined Anita on the stage at the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors® Award Breakfast to participate in the special award ceremony. “Anita has a strong drive to succeed, is a tenacious worker, has excellent core values to succeed; and she fully grasps the skills, tools, and concepts that a new agent must use,” Louise explained. “Anita knows that she must become a data analyst, a behavior analyst, a negotiator, one who is able to read between the lines, and that she must know how to take charge of people and lead.”

Sharing the spotlight on stage and assisting in Anita’s awards was Hugo “Skip” Weber, the President of Realty Seminars, Inc (RSI) and the Director of Education of RSI’s subsidiary, Polley Associates in Newton Square, Pennsylvania, where Anita attended her pre-license classes. Weber admitted, “I think that The Real Estate Apprentice Grant Program is one of the finest opportunities for new licensees that we have ever heard about or seen. This is saying a lot, since I have been very active in the real estate education for over 25 years.” Polley Associates is also the largest real estate education provider in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, and is an Affiliate of the RealtyU® network of real estate schools.

No Easy Journey

Weber continued, “Having carefully examined Anita’s competitors, I can truly say that they are a fine group of people representing all age groups, all backgrounds, and all ethnic backgrounds. We went through two seasons and watched some of our students get into the Top 30, but they never quite made it to the Top 10. We were very pleasantly surprised when we heard that Anita Lam, who turns out, in my estimation, to be one of the finest examples of the type of person that the real estate industry needs, won.” Anita has weathered adverse storms in her personal and professional life, including becoming unemployed from a secure 20-year university career. After that great disappointment, she had the fortitude and mental stamina to pursue a career in real estate. “To see Anita as the Grand Prize Winner of Season III is simply fantastic! I could not be happier for her!” Weber said.

Grant Program Sponsors

A whole host of grant participants have committed to sponsor new agents and help make a difference, including:

Not only is sponsorship a perfect way to fulfill a company’s corporate responsibility to give back, it’s also a unique way to illuminate the company’s products and services, offering significant market exposure to a new generation of agents eager to embrace helpful tools.


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