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Q1)  Why do you believe you could ultimately be "The Real Estate Apprentice"?

"I go the extra mile… there is much less traffic." -L.B.

"I am not intimidated by challenges and eat problems for lunch." -D.M.

"Positive thinking is my life, and I live in a world of half-full glasses where the sun always shines and everything is possible." -J.H.

"My personality allows me the freedom to strike up conversations with anyone from the CEO to the doorman… I even have an MBA." -D.S.

"As a new Realtor the cards are stacked against me and I knew this coming in, but I have always hated the micro-management of the outside work force, so I am motivated." -D.P.

"When I got to question 140 on the real estate exam, I ran to the bathroom to splash water on my face… I never wanted anything so badly." -K.S.

"Talent and even opportunity does not guarantee success. I will commit myself to mastering professional real estate." -D.S.

"I know who I am, am comfortable with my weaknesses and strengths, trust my decisions but can admit when I am wrong." -D.L.

"My Mentor has taught me: be accountable, think out of the box, serve your community and have FUN!" -H.O.

"For me real estate is not a second career, it's what I was made to do. In high school I use to sit in class drawing pictures of myself in front of a house holding a For Sale sign." -C.R.

"I constantly think of creative ways to differentiate myself from other agents… in real estate I believe I have now found my calling in life." -M.G.

Q2)  What are your business goals over the next 5 years?

"I expect to close 7 million in sales each year using prospecting systems, lead management systems, follow-up and referral systems, and massive Internet marketing." -C.W.

"The typical list of wants and needs: financial security, finishing our fixer-upper, college tuition, a boat… most of all experiencing joy in what I do." -L.T.

"Helping families near foreclosure, because I have been there. If I knew then what I know now, things would have been different." -J.J.

"5 years from now, the only thing I will regret about a career in real estate is that I didn't pursue it sooner." -D.G.

Q3)  What qualities do you possess that will make you a successful agent?

"I am a computer expert having developed solutions for lawyers, managers, secretaries, and mail clerks. I am friendly, have a good memory, and take explicit notes." -R.W.

"I am artistic by nature, love the beauty in everything, including structures. I get excited about how beautiful a house is or how phenomenal it can be." -M.C.

"I have mastered MapQuest and remember the names of my clients, their children and even their pets." -N.C.

"I am an original. My integrity, dedication, attention to detail and a touch of desperation will forge my ultimate success." -R.P.

During Season V, 1723 rookies applied, 146 received a score of 80% or better and will go forward to round two. Every applicant was eligible for $250 of free real estate products and services. For more information visit the Real Estate Apprentice web site.


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