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Jack has extensive experience in both real estate and the Internet which allows him to create web "properties" that have value and produce leads. He has worked with top people in both fields and has consistently proven to be a leader in the Internet during its growth.

He pioneered website portal theory by developing AgentsPlanet, a Real Estate agent and Broker portal that combines communication tools with Internet links helpful to the Real Estate community. Currently, AgentsPlanet has thousands of users.

Jack is also working on his new Internet Success seminar called the 4c's of Website Success.  It brings the entire process of generating leads and converting them to dollars together and he has recruited other top speakers to deliver the content for this seminar.

Website Development
Website Development is an art.  For Real Estate, It is key to have specialized knowledge of the industry so as to provide the correct technology to help agents and brokers benefit from it.  As a consultant, many come to me looking for better results from their websites.  There is usually something missing from their plan that causes all of their efforts to be diluted.  There are four key areas you MUST address in order to have any real success.

    1. Call Out - you need to have marketing in place to draw visitors to your site.  It is not an "if you build it they will come" concept, mainly because everyone has a website.  You need to use marketing to get people to your site.  First, put your web address on the marketing you are already using - your business cards, flyers, for sale signs, advertisements, etc.  Then plan marketing that is in line with what your site has to offer.  For example, if you have IDX (Internet Data Exchange which pulls all listings from the MLS from all companies to your site for viewing as if they were your own listings) then your advertisements could say "Come to my website to view a current list of all active properties available in the "your town" area..."
    2. Capture - your site needs to be designed in a friendly and easy to navigate way so as to draw your prospects in to the information that means something to them and will get them to inquire to you about more information.
    3. Communicate - there are many tools available such as PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants such as a TREO or Blackberry) that can receive leads directly from your website so you can answer them quickly from anywhere.  The faster you respond personally, the better chance you have of getting good clients from your website leads.
    4.  Close - you need to have the skill to convert the inquiry from a call or email into a face-to-face appointment.  That is the only way to make a sale.  Overcoming objections such as "tell me the price, I'm just looking" or "give me the address so I can drive by" can make all the difference for the success of your internet plan...


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