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Jacob Swodeck is an active agent he is currently working on over 250 short sales and has personally negotiated over 500 successful short sales in the Southern California area. His compassion for his clients who are in some of the toughest situations of their life (i.e. divorce, terminal sickness, death of spouse, loss of job, bankrupt, etc.) propels him to the forefront of this industry.  “The client’s needs always come first.  They need someone skilled who will work hard and be completely honest with them,” Jacob says.  Some of the largest and most notable real estate offices in Southern California utilize his knowledge and training skills in the area of short sales. 

Swodeck is also a trainer with twelve years of public speaking experience, and has been negotiating short sales for over 10 years. For the first 5 years he managed a high volume state-wide short sale negotiating company. He has a nationwide speaking career through the Broker Agent Speakers Bureau and continues to coach  and educate agents in the intricacies of managing short sales. He has recently partnered with RealtyU to create the new Certified Short-Sale Professional class and designation.


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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Agents
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