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January 25th - National Mentoring Day
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John Glenn, Tom Brokaw, Ray Charles, Deepak Chopra, Colin Powell, Martin Sheen……..

This is but a small list of the celebrities who cite the influence of an important person in their life; a person who helped them to think bigger, to dream bigger, and to ultimately persevere in pursuit of their goals. A person who was, to them, a mentor.

Mentors come from a diverse range of ages, lifestyles, and ethnicities. They may be a teacher, a family friend, an older sibling, a parent, an older person, someone we once worked with. They are identified by the profound impact they make on us, though often it is many years until we are able to recognize what gifts they imparted.

The skills of a mentor are as varied as the people themselves; they often provide support, advice, friendship, reinforcement, and serve as constructive examples. They motivate, encourage, and help some individuals to develop career skills, economic skills, and specialized knowledge.

Mentoring is a time honored tradition that has proven through the ages that while it is possible to succeed on your own, the path to achievement can be made smoother with the help of another who has our best interests at heart.

The concept of mentoring is the core of iSucceed’s philosophy as a business. We believe that those who have walked the path before us are the best to show us how to make the journey easier, and more fulfilling. An iSucceed Mentor is especially unique, for in the harshly competitive world of real estate, a knowledgeable professional to show you the ropes is extremely hard to come by. We’re proud of the fact that our mentors are not only the best and brightest in the business, but they’re also the most generous! Time and again they have freely shared their best ideas, their best systems, and their best tools with our members. These superstars possess a wealth of knowledge among them, but perhaps the most important feature they share is a desire to give back to the industry that has been so rewarding for them.

It’s in this spirit of generosity that we thank all mentors, especially the iSucceed Mentors, for their incredible contributions, and salute them for their participation, enthusiasm, and their outstanding contributions in improving the life of other real estate agents in the residential real estate industry.

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