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Jeff Thompson and Kathy Toth join Mentors
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Jeff Thompson (Windermere – Richland, Washington)

As Broker/Owner of Windermere Real Estate Franchise in the Tri-Cities area of Richland, Washington, Jeff Thompson understands what effect the power of training and innovative ideas can have on a business, and believes that a prepared agent is a successful agent. Jeff’s implemented a training program and goal system in his office that has been so effective, last year his agents averaged 31 transaction sides each!

Jeff and his wife first implemented the remarkable "Circle of Friends" program in his office, which they have seen revolutionize the number and frequency of referrals his agents receive. Jeff says the basic idea of the program is to connect with a particular vendor and refer them to your sphere of influence by providing monthly or quarterly incentives for your clients to visit the vendor. By selecting unique vendors who provide only the utmost standards in customer service, the customer is guaranteed an excellent experience which keeps the agent providing the service front of mind for the customer. Jeff has implemented an excellent followup method which allows his agents to literally “train” the client to send them referrals. At a recent referral meeting, 30 agents brought in 69 referrals, all in a 30-day period! Listen to our Counseling Call “Profit From Your Circle of Friends” for more information.

Kathy Toth (RE/MAX® - Dexter, Michigan)

Not everyone’s local market has been the haven of rising prices and low inventory that California, Florida, and other hot markets have been experiencing.

In fact, Kathy Toth's community of Dexter, Michigan recently suffered the closing of a large plant, resulting in the highest unemployment rate anywhere in the surrounding area! Yet Kathy has ingeniously managed to remain at the top of her game by offering extra value to her clients, and by realizing that to prosper in a down market you need to offer value, monitor feedback, and get creative!

In this week’s counseling call Kathy Toth reveals her amazing "Virtual Tour of Schools" benefit she devised for parents and schoolchildren, and how helpful services such as that keep her busy no matter what the state of the market.
These two real estate professionals join our elite group of over 175 other iSucceed Mentors who share their personal experiences and advice for the betterment of the industry.


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