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Jill Taylor
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Jill Taylor is a REALTOR with Prudential.

She previously worked for Warner Home Video in Burbank, California, as well as for the French Embassy in Washington, DC.

Earned Top Selling Agent in her Office.
Honor Cirlce Award
Office Won #1 Customer Service Award for all Shoreline Companies

Keeping the most in your wallet for 30 years

TIP: Keep in mind that ever $10,000 of the purchase price is about $60/mo in your mortgage. Even more important than negotiating a few thousand dollars is the mortgage RATE you lock. A quarter or half point could save or cost you even more than $10,000.

Try to look at the big picture when negotiating.

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Jill Taylor

How to NET the most when Selling

The name of the game is to sell quickly to avoid 6-12 months of expenses (mortgage interest and payments, taxes, utilities, insurance, maintenance, emotional wear & tear).

The first offer is most often the most negotiable.  Work with it.  You may not get another chance anytime soon.

The longer a house sits on the market it creates a stigma and empowers buyers.

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