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John Hensley
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John Hensley is the Chief Technology Officer for Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions.  Possessing extensive real estate business, management, technical management and software knowledge and skills, Hensley manages product development for the company, including its AgentOffice®, BrokerOffice™, BrokerOffice™ Management Center, and BrokerBackOffice Pro™ offerings.

Hensley possesses more than 20 years of professional experience in the areas of real estate business processes, management and software systems.  Throughout the past decade, he has served as Chief Technical Officer for Realigent d.b.a., Inc.  Prior to that, he was founder and president of Net Classifieds, Inc. where he served as architect and developer of several systems, including the real estate portal and data aggregation system. 

Additionally, he worked nearly 10 years for Formula Consultants, Inc, ultimately holding the position of Senior Software Specialist.  In that position, he designed and developed mission-critical software solutions for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Industry Leaders
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