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Patented inventor, creator and operator of SMARTePLANS, serving the high end luxury residential community in Houston since 2003.

SMARTePLANS are unique drawn-to-scale digital floor plan and property pictorials, with embedded photographs, annotated and inter-linked text descriptions and two U.S. Patents, with a third one pending. Custom created for the luxury market they are uploaded onto our MLS (and data streamed around the world), they are accessible to realtors and buyers 24/7, for the life of the listing. You can view properties currently on the market in Houston, some with furniture moving capabilities, on my website.

SMARTePLAN-IT is a SMARTePLAN on MLS that has the added capability of allowing potential buyers to select furniture icons off a menu, size it to fit their needs and slide them around inside the floor plan doing "what ifs" arranging furniture and seeing what will fit in the property’s floor plan … or, visually knock down walls if they are contemplating renovation.


Eight Years of MLS Data posts formidable results for this marketing system with $241 million worth of property sold. See the 8 Year Trend Report on my webpage, but the short story is the AVERAGE across 8 years is:

  • 51.5% sold in less than  45 days
  • 73.6% sold in less than  90 days 
  • 89.3% sold in less than 180 days





  • Largest structure to date: 22,000+ sq ft
  • Most expensive property: Listed on Market at $17 Million
  • Largest property portrayed: 14+ acre equestrian center with barn, training pen, lighted riding arena and 1.5 acre lake stocked with catfish
  • Most Noteworthy Sale to date: $15M property sold in 10 days WITHOUT BEING ON MLS and with SMARTePLANS as the sole source of marketing

Custom work for luxury estates outside of Houston is done by appointment

Contact Information

Tel: 281 419 4025


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Specialized Real Estate - Luxury Homes
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