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Despite a two-year decline in the national real estate market, Keller Williams continues to be one of the fastest growing franchises in North America, growing some 330% from 16,866 agents in 2003 to 72,594 in 2007.  The company’s Profit Sharing Program has also maintained a strong growth pattern from $11.7 million in 2003 to $48.4 million for 2007.

At Keller Williams it’s not all just about profits, systems and strategies.  In regional retreats called Culture Summits, agent “culture icons” gather with KW leaders.  The purpose of which is to discuss, vision and share learned experiences about culture and, specifically, how the Keller Williams culture can impact market centers and regions.

As for best practices, Keller Williams has itself implemented various productivity-enhancing programs such as: Operation Heart to Heart – a $1 million program providing productivity and profitability tools to help agents manage the shifting market; Keller Williams Listing System – a company-wide database allowing agents full control of the accuracy, timeliness and depth of their listing information and which is promoted on a selective list of eight of the most powerful real estate Internet sites.  Keller Williams has also made available to its agents resources such as the Market Trajectory Research and Regional Graphs – a reporting system that helps agents identify shifts in the real estate market three to four months in advance of shifts being noticed in local markets.


Gary Keller Co-Founder and Chairman 
Mo Anderson Vice Chairman
Mark Willis CEO 
Mary Tennant President and COO 

Ann Yett Chief Financial Officer


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