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Ken Clark is a Realtor with John Hall and Associates, as well as an advocate for fun urban living.

He hosts monthly mixers called Get Your PHX, which celebrate new businesses that are taking a risk on Central Phoenix at this critical time in the state's history.

He also produces a blog and monthly newsletter about living and loving in Central Phoenix.

Ken serves the entire valley with special knowledge of historic neighborhoods, redevelopment and the growing trend toward smart growth.

Ken has lived in Central Phoenix since 1998, where he has renovated two homes, a 1948 “war baby” tract home and a 1925 Arts and Crafts Bungalow. He understands the attractions and challenges of old homes, as well as how to identify quality new homes.

He also understands the unique tools necessary to market homes in today’s complex world of social media, on-line advertising and networking.

Ken is a former State Legislator with strong ties all over the state. He is also the former state Energy Office Director, with a strong understanding of energy efficiency in homes.

Ken went to college at Northern Arizona University and at The American University in Washington DC. He has lived in Germany, Bosnia and briefly in Australia. Ken first moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona with his family in 1981.

Urban Revitalization and Dense Urban Living
As people seek to become more energy efficient, save time traveling and build stronger community ties, they are looking back to urban living.

This presents a huge opportunity for agents and clients, as well as a whole host of issues related to urban infill, mixed re-use development and how customers get the service that they need in this new market.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Brokers
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