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One of the big concerns about real estate anywhere is the regional attractions – and if you’re looking for real estate near Truckee, CA or near Lake Tahoe, there are certainly some attractions beyond the expected gorgeous mountain views and ski resorts. The Western Pacific Museum, located an hour north of Truckee, is a museum dedicated to preserving the story about the famous railroad.

It’s an ideal museum visit for history buffs, possessing the largest collection of legends, folklore, memorabilia from this railroad’s past. It’s also a great place to bring your children, offering train rides every weekend throughout summer, all the way up to Labor Day. They even have opportunities to climb aboard and conduct their own railroad train rides. Additionally, the museum also has its own restaurant called the Portola Frosty which offers burgers, fries and ice cream, which can be enjoyed by history lovers of any age. 

The museum is one of only a few dedicated to being as hands-on as possible in order for children to make the most out of the visit, and to make learning fun. Children sometimes go through a phase train-enchantment – which may or may not last into adulthood – and the Western Pacific Museum is the perfect place for them to get the feel of the train life.

One the museum’s most well-known programs is the “Rent-A-Locomotive” in which patrons can “rent” a locomotive and run it within the museum’s grounds under the supervision of a private instructor. The program has three rudimentary and two expert plans.

The museum also has the largest completed collection of the Western Pacific railroad, which enables them to be able to tell and relive the story in a more complete way. The museum is brand-new this year – their official opening date was on April 26th, 2014.

So for home buyers looking into Truckee or Lake Tahoe real estate in general, keep your eyes out for museums like this one; the area is full of surprises!

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