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We all know that everybody using YouTube has pimples from ear to ear or is a mom posting a baby doing something funny or is a stupid stunt by boys, well if this is what you think YouTube is you would be dead wrong. According to Google within 3-5 years 80% of all online advertising will include some type of video, are you using video to get your land for sale out over the internet?

 The statistics on who is using YouTube may astonish you, one of the two largest groups using YouTube video is the 55+ group, no that is not a misprint the fifty five years and older make up 22% of the YouTube crowd. If this shocks you a little it really shouldnít the older group is more sophisticated than you think. The next largest group is the 45-54 year olds who also make up 22% of the video market. My next question is; have you taken a good look at who is buying your land for sale lately? It sure isnít the twenty year olds. You might be shocked to find out that the smallest group using YouTube is also the youngest group, the 18 and under crowd is not only the youngest group using YouTube they are the smallest group as well. What this should be telling you is get busy with some video marketing to boost your land and property sales.

 What are some things with video to do to increase your real estate office exposure? Advertisements are the first thing. Make sure these are short and sweet, they can be useful to get your name and brand out to the public. Advertisements are most useful when they are embedded on your site and Blog rather than as a stand alone YouTube video. Use YouTube for your virtual house tours as well. These are taking the place of physical tours of a house and open houses as well. You might want to take your client personally by the hand and walk them through the house and you might think this gives you a better shot at a sale and you would be right about what you want but that is not what your clients want. You will have to face reality, the internet has changed the way you handle land for sale and houses to, the days of running an ad with little information in it and getting the client to come up just for the shot at a sale are long gone and I donít like anymore than you but this is the new way to sale real estate, embrace it or parish as a Realtor. Give information about your city and community with neighborhood and community vignettes. People who are moving to you area want information about it and not just statistics that they can get from many sites, they want to see what you have. Have you thought about taking pictures of interesting places in your city and county like a State Park of even the fire department, this is all useful information to someone who has never been to your city? You can take pictures of groups of interesting and useful places like your local fire department, your city hall, county court house, post office and all the locations that would fit this category and run that through and make a video out of that and post that video on YouTube and there you have a nice video of all local government offices. This is just one idea just think of all the different videos you can make and post on your site.

 If you have land for sale or houses for sale and have not gotten into the video marketing arena yet I have one thing to add to this, do it before your competitor does, in my area I own every page of video searches because I was the first to see the value and where the internet was headed and have the most videos posted. Donít let your competition own your market if they start before you and do a good job with video you may never catch up and in five years you may see yourself selling 80% less real estate or working for your competition.


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