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Land For Sale In Alabama-Should I List My Land Now Or Wait
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If you have land for sale in Alabama and you are concerned about the economy you are not alone. You may be thinking now is not the best time to list my land but there is no better time than now.
I know anybody with land for sale in Alabama is wondering and worrying if now is the time to try and market your land. With the changing of the guard in Washington this will give the President the political change he needed to extend the Bush tax cuts and I know the President says that this alone will not fix the economy but it will go a long way in helping. I don't think most people know there is at least two trillion dollars sitting on the side line with wealthy people that just want invest until they know what the rules of the game will be on the tax issues from those investments and yes I said trillion with a T. With that kind of money available to hit the market it might not fix the sagging US economy but it sure would help in with Alabama land for sale.



Is this the time to list your land? I say yes and here are a few reasons that I came up with a yes. First why wait, find a good aggressive Realtor and list with them, donít just take their word if they are aggressive ask some questions, interview them if you will. One question you should ask first is where do they advertise their land listings, get a full list from them, how many listings do they have, sometime if a Broker has to many tracts of land for sale in Alabama and not enough Real Estate Agents to help sell that number of land listings your property might get pushed back unless itís a larger land tract with a good commission. A number of other ways to check out your Broker would be get on FaceBook and ask your friends, get some referrals and ask friends what type of land they sold for them and get a time frame on those sells (day listed to closing). Ask your Real Estate Broker for an honest value for your land, no matter what price you want for your land for sale in Alabama if the comparable sales are not there you will not complete the sale.


Other than just getting the process started here are a couple more reasons to market your land for sale in Alabama now. Getting started now will give your Real Estate Broker a better chance to get your land in front of some investors and buyers with good credit.  There are not many buyers in the market right now but most that are have good credit and plenty of down payment money.


One of the last reasons is financing, you canít close seven out of ten deals without financing, ask your Real Estate Broker if they have a good relationship with a quality land lender like First South Farm Credit of Alabama, they are one of the few aggressive land lenders right now. I know the economy is a wreck right now but land for sale in Alabama prices are holding pretty firm and over the next year to eighteen months it will get better.


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