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As I stood in line at a local AT&T one day last week I couldnít help but overhear a conversation between two people.  I was going to check out an I-phone so of course I was interested in their conversation comparing the I-3 to the new I-4.  I probably got a more honest comparison from these ladies than I would get from the salesman, so of course I was listening close.  Later, it occurred to me that the conversation I had listened to was actually Facebook in action.

If you are a realtor who is reading this blog, perhaps you already realize the importance of the social network scene in the Alabama land for sale real estate market.  A multitude of Realtors today are still not seeing what the social media scene can do for them both now and in the future.  This yearís NAR statistics quote that over ninety percent of the people who purchased property for sale in Alabama this last year used the internet for their first search.  With statistics like that, you canít just ignore the fact that people search online, whether they purchase online or not.  People do their homework by starting the search online.  A realtor in Florida posted a blog that I read this morning that said he has Twittered all year and couldnít see that it had helped him one bit in his Florida land for sale business.  That might be true, but this guy is missing out by not using the other outlets for social media that can help his real estate web site rank better.

If Facebook has over 500,000,000 (yes, thatís five hundred million) members, it doesnít take a genius to figure out that this social media network is worth a thought.  Also, the social wave is just beginning with Google spending billions trying to get more involved in social networking.  Have you heard of Google ME yet?  This is Googleís response to Facebook because they want a piece of the action.  Google has spent mega money on purchasing YouTube, launching Google Buzz that will now be layered into Google Me.  All this will wrap into the Google keyword search that is number one no doubt when it comes to Alabama land for sale.

Think about the peopleís conversation that I overheard in the phone store for a minute.  What does this have to do with Alabama land for sale, real estate and building a larger client base?   People are going to express their feelings on Facebook.  You can bet whether they are extremely happy with a realtor or not satisfied at all, they will voice their opinions on Facebook to their friends.  Next thing you know you will find twenty comments of people also giving their opinion.  When you make a client happy by selling them land for sale in Alabama, Facebook is a great avenue for them to give you free advertisement.

If you are a Real Estate Professional, what does all this discussion of social media have to do with you?  Well, first, blog posts can serve as a great way to add a source of one way back links to add to your websites popularity.  If you havenít yet, get into Facebook, Twitter, and email to update your clients on new listings!


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